Podcast: parent led play initiatives

The theme for episode 3 of the Ludicology Podcast is ‘parent led play initiatives’ and was kindly suggested by FAMALAM via twitter (check out their website here: http://www.famalam.org/).

Mike and Ben begin by discussing what we might mean by ‘parent led play initiatives’ and the role of parents in supporting their children’s play in general. They then go on to give examples of successful parent initiated projects and provide some practical suggestions of other approaches parents might like to try.

One of the initiatives highlighted is the concept of parents arranging temporary street closures, an approach championed by Bristol based organisation Playing Out. For advice and guidance on street closures check out their website: http://playingout.net/

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Finally, sorry for the odd sound of phones buzzing in the background on this one, Mike forgot to turn his phone off. Hopefully it doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying this episode!

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