Podcast: play sufficiency with Stuart Lester

Stuart Lester has been breathing life into the study play for a good few years now. He’s one of our very favorite trainers and educators; enabling new understandings of play and how we might live and work with play, playfully.

We can’t speak highly enough of him. His recent doctoral thesis “To bring play to life and life to play: interrupting dominant narratives of play, childhood and adulthood” provides the foundation of much of this podcast. If you know the value of play you cant miss this one, it’s going to make you very, very happy.

At the beginning of the podcast Mike mentions two of Stuart’s publications…

Here’s a link to the summary of Play for a Change: http://www.playengland.org.uk/media/120519/play-for-a-change-summary.pdf

And the full version of Children’s Right to Play: http://ipaworld.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/BvLF-IPAWorkingPaper-Childrens-Right-to-Play-Dec2010f.pdf

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