a young girl plays on a rope swing under a big tree

Podcast: creating spaces for teenagers with Claire Edwards

In Episode 7 of the Ludicology Podcast Mike talks to Claire Edwards about the status of teenagers within the UK and how we might go about involving them in the production of public spaces that better meet their interests and desires. Claire has a background in design and culture studies and has recently completed her Masters by Research. Her thesis, ‘a critical discussion of the provision of public space for young people in the uk’, focuses on a range of international case studies to explore different participatory practices and approaches to the design of places for play.

This included The Land adventure playground in Plas Madoc (Wrexham, North East Wales), which in turn introduced Claire to Mike and Ben’s work in Wrexham associated with the Welsh Play Sufficiency Duty. From there Mike and Claire have gone on to work on a couple of small scale research projects together, most recently with artists Tim and Simon Bloor on the creation of a temporary structure for teenagers in Wrexham town center.

Mike and Claire draw on all these experiences in the podcast but it begins with a curve ball from Mike where he questions the commonly used term for teenagers as ‘young people’ and the implications this may have for younger children. They then go on to discuss people’s perceptions of teenagers playing, what teenagers need and want from public space, the value of teenager’s emplaced knowledge, barriers to them being involved in the re-production of space and practical first steps to addressing these.

This is a big topic that you can only scratch the surface of in half an hour but hope you enjoy it all the same.

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