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Podcast: creating spaces for teenagers with Claire Edwards

In Episode 7 of the Ludicology Podcast Mike talks to Claire Edwards about the status of teenagers within the UK and how we might go about involving them in the production of public spaces that better meet their interests and desires. Continue reading…

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Play Sufficiency Assessment the Ludicology Approach

Wales is the first country in the world to legislate for children’s play through the introduction of the Play Sufficiency Duty requiring all Welsh local authorities to assess and secure sufficient play opportunities for children in their areas. In the winter months of 2012/13 Mike and Ben, in their respective roles with Wrexham Council and Glyndwr University, led on the completion of the local authority’s first play sufficiency assessment.

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Community Engagement and Spatial Planning

A local community council in Wrexham had recently taken on responsibility for covering the maintenance costs associated with four designated play areas and were wanting to consult residents on the future development of these sites. At the same time the local authority’s play development team and planning department were looking for an opportunity to demonstrate their aspirations for enhancing children’s opportunities for play across a community wide area.

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